Home Healing

 What is home healing? It’s a concept that we’ve created to describe the process of creating a sacred space conducive to wellness, peace, and comfort within the home via art/color/texture/scent/sound.

Home Healing is extremely important. When you enter your home after a long, often harsh day...your surroundings should be a comforting, restorative space. Art adds life and a very specific creative energy to your home. Not only art as in paintings, but the layout & placement of ever single item you choose for your home. The energy and flow. 

It has been proven that spaces that are unclean, cluttered, and unorganized can increase stress and lead to stress-related physical problems. Surrounding yourself with the right colors/textures/patterns/sounds/smells, within a beautiful, clean and organized home literally has the ability to do the opposite. To soothe and heal. rejuvenate and inspire. 

So look around....and be honest...What kind of vibe does your home give off? Does it feel good to be in? Is it clean and uncluttered? Does it stimulate all your senses? Does it inspire and recharge you? Is it peaceful or do you feel even more stressed when in it? Are you comfortable? Is there art, color, good smells? Does it look/feel like “you”? Do you know, what “you” looks like? 

Don’t get overwhelmed with the questions. We are here to help. Give yourself the gift of #HomeHealing and schedule a consultation with our Creative Director, Imani today. We can help you to create a space that brings you peace of mind. We can help you discover what colors are best for your optimal healing and much more.

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