Mizani Belt

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Eastern Euphoria Vintage Piece (1965)

Length of belt portion =  29 inches (not including the ties)

Width = 3 3/4 inches

This vintage Afghani tribal belt is absolutely stunning and one of a kind. was handcrafted during the late 1900's.

An old Tumar pendant hangs in the center, with a golden brass glow, colorful beads, and clattering dangles.

Tumars have been worn throughout this region designed not only for their beauty, but also for safekeeping wishes, messages, and sacred verses. Some open, some do not. This one does not.

2 unusual vintage teardrop pendants hang on either side of the tumar pendant.

This belt's wide waistband was decorated with rows of vintage coins, tribal stud-buttons, and beaded trim.

The ends have colorful phuls (flowers), embroidered with vibrant metallic threads (gimp). 

It is lined with cotton, and ties on the ends allow for securing the belt to various lengths.

To show relative size, I draped it across the torso of a life-sized manikin for taking a photo.